1: My Promise to God --His Praise Will Ever Be On My Lips

1: My Promise to God --His Praise Will Ever Be On My Lips

Introducing the Ever Be Podcast: Where faith meets lifestyle.

In this inaugural episode of the Ever Be podcast, host Mari Wagner shares her excitement about launching the podcast, which has been a vision of hers for several years. As a content creator and now podcast host, she extends a warm welcome to both new and old followers, expressing her intent to foster a Christ-centered community. Mari discusses her motivation behind creating a platform for deeper conversations beyond the limitations of short-form content like Instagram Reels. She explains the choice of 'Ever Be' as the podcast's name, tying it to her personal faith journey and how she has made a promise to God to have His praise ever be on her lips. Mari expresses her desire for the podcast to be a space where listeners can find inspiration to live a Christ-centered life, explore vulnerability, and engage in intentional conversations. She hints at future episodes featuring incredible guests, encourages listeners to subscribe and share, and invites input on desired content. The podcast aims to be a weekly source of faith, inspiration, and community.


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