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The Ever Be podcast is a faith and lifestyle podcast offering meaningful conversations and practical tips for women desiring to live a Christ-centered life in today's modern world.

For The Modern Catholic Woman

Tune into the Ever Be Podcast for valuable advice, relatable stories, expert insights and just some fun girl chats with someone who really gets you.

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Meet Mari

Your Host

With over 100K followers and counting, Instagram content creator and founder of the popular Catholic lifestyle brand, West Coast Catholic, Mari Wagner is showing the world how to live a bold, attractive, and fulfilling Catholic life by being in the world but not of it.

Through her own experience of surrendering completely to God and finding true fullness of life, your host Mari Wagner, has committed to having God’s praise “ever be” on her lips and sharing that message with the world.

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On Topics You Actually Care About


How do I infuse prayer into my daily life? How do I live out my Catholic faith?


What is the best dating and marriage advice? How do I find the one? What does a good Catholic marriage look like?


How do I grow in homemaking skills and build a domestic church? How do I create a beautiful and welcoming home?

Clean Living

What does a healthy and balanced lifestyle look like? Is it possible to find a solid community of like minded women?


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