10: From Debating Catholics to Becoming Catholic

10: From Debating Catholics to Becoming Catholic


In the latest episode of our podcast series, we dive into the moving journey of Sydney Tanner, whose story of conversion is not just inspirational but profoundly reflective of the search for truth in faith.

Sydney's story unfolds from her roots in Minnesota, through her college years in Colorado State, and into her present life in Dallas, Texas. Her upbringing in a Christian, though not Catholic, environment laid the groundwork for a spiritual journey that she never anticipated would lead her to the Catholic Church. It was during her involvement with Stumo, a Christian ministry, that Sydney's passion for Jesus deepened. Yet, her path took an unexpected turn when a relationship challenged her to reassess her spiritual convictions.

Two weeks into her relationship with Sam, Sydney faced a shocking revelation: Sam was converting to Catholicism. The news sent Sydney into an emotional whirlwind, challenging her preconceived notions about Catholicism and prompting her to embark on a journey for understanding. Through independent research, engaging dialogues with knowledgeable Catholics, and guidance from podcasts like Father Mike, Sydney embarked on an intellectual and spiritual journey that would humble her biases and reveal the truth of the Catholic faith.

Sydney's inquiry led her to deeper discoveries about Catholic traditions, the saints, and the transformative power of the Eucharist and adoration. Her participation in RCIA alongside Sam, encounters with religious sisters, and prayerful reflections during the rosary began to shift her perspective. The beauty and depth of Catholicism's teachings on topics such as Mary and the significance of the sacraments began to resonate with Sydney's spiritual longings.

The turning point for Sydney came when witnessing Sam's Confirmation. The act of becoming Catholic no longer seemed like a mere possibility but a calling. Despite the challenges and misunderstandings from friends and family, Sydney's conviction only grew stronger. The peace and clarity she found in Catholic practices like the rosary and adoration, coupled with the truth she discovered in the faith, led her to the decision to embrace Catholicism fully.

Sydney's conversion story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of faith. It highlights the importance of humility, openness, and the pursuit of truth in one's spiritual journey. For those exploring or contemplating Catholicism, Sydney's story serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the profound impact personal conviction and seeking truth can have on one's life. Her journey from conversion to conviction underscores the beauty of discovering one's path to God amidst the challenges and doubts that may arise.

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