12: Practical Tips To Support Your Body In Times of Stress | Ashlee Rowland

12: Practical Tips To Support Your Body In Times of Stress | Ashlee Rowland


In today's fast-paced society that constantly glorifies hustle culture, many of us feel overwhelmed and perpetually stressed. Yet, there is hope and practical ways to support your body during such periods. Join us as we dive into stress management with holistic nutritionist Ashlee Rowland on the "Ever Be" podcast hosted by Mari Wagner.


"Let's be real. We are so stressed and so overworked, and it's just not okay," Mari begins. Stress is an omnipresent part of life that can seem unavoidable. However, Mari emphasizes that accepting a state of constant stress should not be our norm. Instead, she offers a beacon of hope through easy, practical steps to reduce stress.

Introducing Ashlee Rowland:

Ashlee Rowland, a mother, wife, holistic nutritionist, and speaker, joins Mari to share her vast knowledge about supporting the body during stressful times. With her expertise, Ashlee dives into various ways you can actively reduce stress and bring your body back to stability.  

Practical Strategies for Stress Management: Start with Minerals

One fundamental aspect Ashlee swears by is the importance of minerals. "Minerals are the foundation of all life," she says. Incorporating mineral-rich foods and supplements can profoundly impact your health. Herbal teas, bone broths, and nutrient-dense liquids are great ways to boost your mineral intake. 

Embrace Nature: Morning Sunshine Ritual

Connecting with nature is another crucial point. "Non-negotiable is feet on the earth and eyes in the light," Ashlee advocates. Whether it's a quick walk outside or simply standing barefoot on the ground, these small actions can have a significant impact on your stress levels.

 The importance of morning sunlight cannot be overstated. It helps regulate your circadian rhythm, ensuring better sleep and overall wellness. "Get your eyes in the light," Ashlee urges. Removing contacts and glasses allows the healing rays to have maximum benefit.

Addressing Environmental Toxins

Ashlee discusses an often overlooked source of stress: environmental toxins. From chemicals in household products to unseen electromagnetic fields, these can wreak havoc on our health. Eliminating synthetic fragrances and ensuring clean, mineral-rich water are two simple steps anyone can take.

Inviting God into Your Wellness Journey

Mari emphasizes the inseparable bond between body and soul, advocating for spiritual practices like prayer and meditation as powerful stress relievers. “If our body is unrest, our soul might be at unrest, and vice versa,” she says. Drawing closer to God provides solace and clarity, helping manage life's challenges more easily.


Practical Takeaways:

1. **Morning Nature Routine**: Start your day by stepping outside, standing barefoot on the earth, and letting the sunlight into your eyes. Even five minutes can make a difference.

2. **Nutrient-Rich Hydration**: Make it a habit to consume at least half a gallon of herbal tea, raw milk, or bone broth daily. Proper hydration with mineral-rich liquids is key to maintaining health.

3. **Adequate Protein Intake**: Aim for 100-150 grams of protein daily to stabilize blood sugar and stave off increased stress-related cravings.



This episode of the "Ever Be" podcast serves as a gentle reminder that wellness and stress management don’t have to be complicated. It’s about reconnecting with nature, simplifying your life, and allowing God’s design to guide your path.

Tune into this episode for practical tips on reducing stress and supporting your body through holistic and simple lifestyle changes.


For more insights, follow Ashlee Rowland at Simplistic Holistic and explore her Bare Naked Hormones course, which offers a comprehensive guide to managing stress and living a well-balanced life naturally. Embrace a journey toward health that intertwines seamlessly with faith and holistic wisdom.

Listen to the full podcast episode and start implementing these transformative tips today. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.


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