2: Our Love Story: From Friendship to First Kiss and How We Kept God at The Center

2: Our Love Story: From Friendship to First Kiss and How We Kept God at The Center

All the Details

Mari + Trey share all the details of their love story, even ones that have never been shared publicly before! From how they met, to how they discerned dating all the way up to engagement, and how they always kept God at the center of it all. If you enjoyed this episode, drop us a 5 star review and keep coming back for more!

How It Started

Trey and I met at a time when we were both recommitting our lives to Christ and seeking to grow in virtue and faith. This period of friendship allowed us to support one another in this spiritual renewal, even as our hearts began to hint at a deeper connection. The decision to refrain from dating immediately, and instead focus on God's plan, was a difficult one but shaped the very core of our relationship with trust and patience.

Our Dating Era

Our dating period was an extension of the foundation we'd laid as friends, characterized by joy, growth in faith, and a continuation of placing Christ at the center. It was a season of learning what it means to love in a way that reflects God's love for us — sacrificial, pure, and enduring. Engaging in activities like Marian consecration together, and continually turning to prayer and the sacraments, we strove to keep God at the center which not only strengthened our relationship with each other but, more importantly, with God.

Keeping God at the Center

Our journey, which began as a friendship united by our shared commitment to Christ, has taught us the immeasurable value of building a relationship with God as the foundation. Reflecting on our story, we're reminded of the unmatched beauty of a relationship guided by God. From the spark of friendship to engagement and marriage, every step of our journey has been a testament to God's faithfulness and the power of a love rooted in Christ. For those yearning for a relationship that transcends earthly desires and leads you closer to the Divine, remember that God's plans are always worth the wait. Keep Him at the center, and trust in the beautiful story He is writing for you.


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