3: My Testimony: How I Found My Faith & Gave My Life To Christ

3: My Testimony: How I Found My Faith & Gave My Life To Christ

This episode is a heart felt one!  I share my testimony, my walk with Christ, and how embracing faith has been the most transformative journey of my life.

I was born and raised in a Catholic family, where faith was more of a cultural backdrop than an active pursuit. My earliest memories of faith are filled with the vibrant tales from the Bible, shared by my loving grandmother. These stories captured my imagination, but as I grew, so did a sense of faith being a distant, almost fairy tale-like part of my existence, not something that deeply intertwined with the fabric of my daily life.

Despite this, a spark of interest in spirituality was always alive within me, leading me to engage with church activities more than most around me. However, it was during my late teenage years that something began to shift. A series of seemingly small, yet profound encounters with the Eucharist ignited a curiosity and a yearning for something more, something deeper in my relationship with God.

My Faith In College

My journey took an even more decisive turn during my time in college. The transition from a lukewarm faith to a living, breathing relationship with Christ didn't happen overnight. It was a path marked by moments of profound beauty and deep questioning, spurred on by experiences with organizations like FOCUS and personal encounters that challenged me to live out my faith authentically.

One pivotal moment was a confession that dramatically changed my perspective. The priest, sensing the stirrings of a soul seeking truth, challenged me to live in a way that reflected the depth of faith I was discovering. This conversation was a turning point, a call to action that spurred me towards a life of deeper commitment to Christ.

A New Direction

Armed with newfound conviction, my life's direction shifted. Decisions that once seemed mundane now held significant weight, as each choice became an opportunity to align more closely with the values and beliefs that were becoming central to my life. The journey wasn't easy, grappling with the expectations of old friends and navigating the challenges of living out faith authentically in a world that often seemed at odds with it.

But God, in His infinite wisdom and grace, guided me through, opening doors to new communities, experiences, and even leading me to launch a Catholic lifestyle business. It was a step in faith, driven by the desire to share the beauty of a Christ-centered life with others, to provide a space where faith and life could intersect in meaningful, joy-filled ways.

Reflecting on this journey, the most beautiful realization is seeing how each step, each stumble, and each leap of faith was part of a greater plan crafted by God. He used every moment, every struggle to draw me closer to Him, transforming my heart and renewing my spirit in ways I could never have imagined.

This journey has taught me that faith is not just a part of life; it's the very essence of it. It's a relationship that’s alive, dynamic, and ever-growing. It challenges, comforts, and empowers, inviting us to live in fullness and joy, even amidst struggles.

Let’s Journey Together

I share this story not as a testament to my own strength or will, but as a celebration of God's grace, mercy, and unfathomable love for each of us. It's a reminder that no matter where we are on our spiritual journey, God is walking with us, calling us to deeper communion with Him.

So, wherever you find yourself today, know that you're not alone. Whether you're taking your first hesitant steps toward faith or you're further along the path, there's a place for you here. Together, let's continue to explore the depths of God's love and the joy of a life surrendered to Him.

I'd love for you to hear more about this journey, the lessons learned, and the moments of grace that have marked this path. Join me for the full story on the latest episode of our podcast!

May this story inspire you, challenge you, and remind you that with God, every moment is an opportunity for renewal and growth. Let's journey together, in faith, towards the heart of God!


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