5: What You Didn't Know About Mary | Paul J. Kim

5: What You Didn't Know About Mary | Paul J. Kim

In this episode, Paul J. Kim highlights the profound impact of Mary has had on his life and shows the transformative power of Marian devotion and her intercessions. We dive into Mary's pivotal role in Christian theology, demonstrating her relevance in salvation history and responding to common Mary objections. You'll be sure to learn something new in this episode!

Paul is not only a gifted Catholic speaker known for blending humor with profound insights but also a passionate advocate for the role of Mary in our spiritual lives. Our chat turned into an enlightening discovery of Mary's presence, the power of the Rosary, and the simple ways we can invite her into our daily routines.

Our Heavenly Mother & Guide

Paul began by sharing his personal journey with Mary, highlighting her significant role in his life and faith. One of the most touching parts of our conversation revolved around the Rosary. Paul eloquently shared how this prayer has not only brought peace and clarity into his life but also acted as a catalyst for change. Through the Rosary, Paul found a deeper connection to Jesus, highlighting Mary's ultimate goal: to bring us closer to her Son. If you've ever felt intimidated by the Rosary or unsure of how to start, Paul's advice is beautifully simple: begin with just a decade and work your way up to a daily rosary if you can.

Overcoming Hesitations or Objections To Mary

You may feel unsure about how to develop a relationship with Mary, or you may struggle with her role in our faith. Paul shared a piece of wisdom that's both profound and practicable. He suggests starting with a heartfelt conversation, approaching Mary as the loving mother she is, ready to listen, guide, and intercede for us with boundless compassion. Starting with an honest prayer, asking her to pray for you.

In this episode Paul also debunks common objections to Mary and shares fascinating theology surrounding her role in salvation history. He pulls from scripture and tradition to show how God indeed had a remarkable mission for Mary to play while she was on this Earth and beyond by interceding for her children and leading us to Jesus. He points to Jesus's words on the cross, giving us his mother and us to her-- encouraging us to have a devotion to Our Lady.


Marian Apparitions

A remarkable aspect of our chat was understanding Mary's universal appeal. Through her apparitions worldwide – from Guadalupe to Fatima – Mary consistently calls us back to her Son, urging repentance, prayer, and unity. Paul shared about his pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and all the incredible supernatural details that can be found on the original tilma where Our Lady imprinted her image. 

Marian Consecration

For those inspired to dive deeper, Paul recommends starting with Father Mike Gately's "33 Days to Morning Glory." This contemporary guide offers an accessible path to Marian consecration, promising to enrich your faith in profound ways.

Closing this heart-to-heart with Paul J. Kim was more than enlightening; it was a call to rediscover the joy and comfort found in a relationship with Mary. Whether through the simplicity of a Hail Mary or the reflective path of the Rosary, inviting Mary into our lives is a step toward deeper union with Christ. Paul's journey and insights remind us of the beautiful, maternal guidance awaiting us all in Mary. So, let's open our hearts and let our Heavenly Mother in, for she leads us not to herself, but always, always closer to Jesus.


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