8: How To Reach Your Full God Given Potential | Leah Darrow

8: How To Reach Your Full God Given Potential | Leah Darrow

 In today’s fast-paced world, where the balance between life's callings and personal dreams often feels like an unachievable feat, the conversation I had with Leah Darrow sheds light on a vital truth: women can indeed embrace their God-given potential without having to sacrifice their dreams or their vocations. Leah, a former America's Next Top Model contestant turned motivational speaker and author, delves deep into the journey of embracing a life filled with purpose, faith, and overcoming limiting beliefs. 


The Journey Back to Faith


Leah shared her heartfelt story, beginning from her early days of significant success and visibility in the modeling world to a profound spiritual awakening that reshaped her outlook on life. After years of living away from her faith, a powerful experience during a photo shoot led her to an epiphany — *“I made you for more,”* a divine nudge that prompted Leah to reassess her life’s direction.


This turning point wasn’t just about leaving a career or stepping into the unknown; it was about recognizing her worth beyond worldly achievements. It was a journey back home, not just to her family but to her faith, which she had distanced herself from for over a decade.


Empowering Through Personal Development


One of the critical themes Leah emphasizes is the importance of personal development and renewing one’s mind. By confronting and rewriting limiting beliefs, Leah believes women can step into their roles in this world with confidence and purpose. Whether it’s a career, motherhood, or any other vocation, the quality of our life is significantly influenced by the quality of our thoughts.

Leah demystifies the process of battling negative self-talk and encourages embracing affirmations rooted in Scripture. Her message underscores the transformational power of God’s word in reshaping our identity and how we perceive our potential.


Babies and Dreams: You Can Have Both

A particularly poignant part of our conversation focused on the profound message of “Babies and Dreams.” Leah passionately argued against the notion that women have to choose between motherhood and pursuing their dreams. She highlighted that, while balance might not mean giving equal parts of oneself to multiple endeavors, it is entirely possible to fulfill one's vocational calling as a parent without giving up personal or career aspirations.

Importantly, Leah also touched on the empathy and understanding needed within our communities. Every woman’s journey is unique, with different challenges and crossroads. Some women work out of necessity, others out of passion, and many for reasons that lie somewhere in between. The key is to navigate these personal decisions with grace, prayer, and the discernment to follow where God leads.


Surrendering to God’s Plan 

Ultimately, Leah’s story and insights remind us of a deeper surrender to God’s plan for our lives. It's about holding our dreams with open hands, allowing God to shape our paths and lead us to our full, God-given potential in ways we might never have imagined. 

We are called not just to survive but to thrive in the embrace of faith, challenged to elevate our minds above the fray of societal expectations and limitations. Leah’s journey from the glamour of modeling to the grounded, faith-filled life she leads now serves as a beacon of hope for all seeking to align their dreams with divine purpose. 

Through personal anecdotes and wise counsel, Leah Darrow’s conversation offers a blueprint for navigating the complexities of modern womanhood with faith as the compass. Whether you're on the brink of a significant life decision, wrestling with limiting beliefs, or pondering how to blend motherhood with personal dreams, this dialogue serves as a reminder: You are made for more, called to a life of purpose, where faith and dreams coalesce into a beautiful tapestry of God’s design.


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